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A Meaningful Sarahmony Crafted Just For You

Serving Couples in ​Southern California including Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego & Riverside Counties

Experience A Sarahmony Today

Allow the beauty of ceremony and ritual to add deeper meaning and richness to
the celebrations, transitions, and sorrows that we all experience over our lifetime.

In Western culture, we are mostly accustomed to ceremonies at Weddings, Funerals,
and Baptismal, but there are so many more reasons to include ceremony in our lives.
I would love to help you create new traditions for your family, that will become life long memories, and will serve to deepen your relationships with your loved ones.

Creating meaningful personalized rituals is an art form that requires great skill and intention. I believe ceremonies are alive and evolve in accordance with the individuals involved. As a longtime spiritual seeker and artist, I enjoy incorporating elements from different cultures and traditions to enhance the experience of the people I serve. The inclusion of crystals, stones, flowers, water, herbs, aromatherapy, candles, prayer, incense, movement, drumming, or music can create a powerful ceremonial experience
that is filled with love, beauty, warmth, compassion, 
meaning and sincerity.

If you have an idea for a ceremony that is not listed here, please do not hesitate
to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to help create your vision and bring
your Sarahmony to life!

Bride-to-Be Sarahmony

Congratulations, Bride-To-Be! I am thrilled for you. You are about to embark on
what is often the most joyful occasion of a woman’s life. However, it is not uncommon
for a Bride-To-Be to feel great stress and to be overwhelmed by the planning of her wedding, which is why I create​d the Bride-To-Be Sarahmony especially for the 
frazzled Bride-To-Be.

Spend a fun and transformational evening recharging with your closest friends and family. This magical ceremony is designed to help you relax and reflect on your upcoming nuptials as the beautiful Goddess that you are.

Marriage is an important rite of passage that marks a significant change in your life.
The Bride-To-Be ceremony gives you the time, space, and freedom to let go
of any wedding planning stress that you may be feeling and allow yourself to express any thoughts or emotions you may be feeling in a loving and supportive environment.

You, the Bride-To-Be will be welcomed into a beautiful circle of your closest female friends who will honor and celebrate the new life you are about to enter. The Bride will receive the soothing Franconia foot spa of her choice; her hands will be washed and anointed with oil. The foot spa can performed before your lady friends arrive or it can be included during the ritual, itself. Either way, there will be time for loved ones to express their personal thoughts, wishes and prayers for the bride. Every participant will be given a piece of paper to draw and write a message to the to the Bride. I will use the pages to create a homemade book for the bride. The book may include photos from the ceremony as well.


Mama Bee Sarahmony
A woman’s body is amazing because it is specifically designed to perform the incredible feat of bringing new life into this world. The Mama Bee Sarahmony differs from a traditional baby shower in that the focus of the celebration is on YOU, Mom-to-be! Honoring your pregnancy by celebrating your unique journey, the miracle of giving birth, and the joy of becoming a mother.

During pregnancy a woman goes through many emotional, physical, and hormonal changes. While some women enjoy every moment of their pregnancy, others experience more challenges. Either way I will create a unique ceremony that supports, and nourishes your mind, body, and soul in a way that honors your present alignment with the forces of creation.

A personalized Mama Bee Sarahmony will include anointing of your feet and hands, followed by one of our soothing Franconia Foot spas, and a blessing to strengthen and prepare you for the blessed and life-altering event of welcoming your new baby into the world. The focus of this event is to care for you.

To relax and quiet your mind so that you may receive the strength and love from those you love and respect most. You will be showered with attention and support from your closest circle of women. There will be time for personal sharing; for the women who love you most, to offer advise and comfort.

Every attendee will be invited to speak and will be asked to offer words of support, encouragement, and love on pieces of paper which I will later bind into a book to be delivered to you at a later date. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, my intention is to celebrate you and the unique miracle you and your unborn child are, to pamper and care for you, to fill up your reserves, and help prepare you spiritually, mentally and physically for the momentous and joyful events ahead. This ceremony, as with all of my ceremonies, will be a completely unique collaboration between you and I.

Baby Blessings & Adoptions

There is no more joyful occasion for a family than the arrival of a new child. If you are looking for something a little different from the traditional or sectarian ceremony, I can design a personalized baby blessing that celebrates your bundle of joy and honors your core beliefs.

A Baby Blessing is an excellent way for your family and friends to celebrate your baby. Allowing them a special time to offer their prayers and sweet blessings. Savor this fleeting time with your newborn by allowing me to create a ceremony and blessing that serves to strengthen your baby’s bond with the people who will love and cherish them throughout their entire life and provide a covenant of love and protection.

Your baby-blessing can he held just about anywhere. In your home, on the beach,
or at a park, it can be small or large, formal or informal. The choice is always yours!
The very first baby blessing that I performed was at an Italian restaurant in New York
City for 75 people.

Whether you have given birth or have adopted a child, my goal is to craft a ceremony that not only honors your beliefs and values but also reflects the genuine spirit of 
your family.

First Moon Sarahmony

First Moon Sarahmony honors a young woman's first menstrual period, which marks her advancement into womanhood. In this Sarahmony, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and special friends gather to offer love and support during this wonderful but possibly scary transition in a young girl’s life.

Your daughter may have lots of questions or concerns and the ceremony is a way for her to express her feelings and ask questions in a safe and loving environment. This is a time for the special women in her life to come together to support and celebrate her entry into womanhood.

The transitions from the innocence of a child's body into that of a young woman's can be an awkward time for girls. Surrounded by a circle of female support, a Sarahmony allows her to be cherished and honored for the changes she is going through. It is a
time for her to hear first moon stories from the special women in her life, in a safe and loving circle.​

Wise Woman Sarahmony
At some point in a woman’s life, she will cross over a threshold into the third phase of her life. In the West, we refer to this phase as Menopause. Generally uncelebrated in popular culture, I have devised a Sarahmony that not only supports, but also celebrates your transition into what can be the most inspirational and potentially turbulent time of your life.

Without a doubt, most women face not only physical and hormonal changes in their bodies, but women may also be bombarded by waves of deep emotions; including joy, depression, sadness, anger and frustration. All of these, even the seemingly negative,
can lead to inspiration and be the source of great wisdom that should be honored and celebrated as heartily as any other important milestone in a woman’s life.

The Wise Woman ceremony in particular has a special place in my heart. I became very familiar with the emotional roller coaster ride of Menopause when I underwent surgery
to remove a 10-inch cyst from my belly. Sadly, my doctors also had to remove my left ovary. My right ovary, overwhelmed with grief from loosing her partner, decided to retire as well, and thus, my journey into Menopause began at the young age of 37.

The ancients believed that when a woman came into her third stage in life, she
retainedthe blood in her body, not to make a baby, but to make wisdom. We are all Wise Women. Lets celebrate together. Let our stories, prayers, hopes and tears cleanse and release our mental blocks. Let the laughter of your wise soul sisters soothe, cradle, and inspire you as you unlock your inner wisdom.

Coming into your Wise Self is a powerful transition of change. It is a time for sharing the wonderful lessons you have learned. It is also a time for your sisterhood to bare witness and for others to share in the knowledge you have been gifted in life, thus far.
This ceremony allows you to release anything weighing heavy on your heart and allows you the time and space to articulate your future goals and dreams.

Whether you have recently entered this phase of your femininity, or the “Wiser Woman” in you, has been around for a while, I invite you to contact me, so we can discuss creating a ceremony that celebrates the unique, dynamic, and marvelous woman that you have been waiting your whole lifetime to become.

Sarahmony Foot Spa

A Spiritual Tea Bath for the Feet

Inspired by the 7 chakras and the variety of herbs & spices traditionally used in world cuisine, I have created 7 different foot baths designed to uplift the spirit, relax the mind,
and energize tired feet. F
or a delightful aromatic experience, feel free to include a Sarahmony Foot Spa to any of the above mentioned ceremonies!  

Chakra, a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel” or “vortex”, refers to the seven energy centers
that our consciousness is comprised of. These energy “wheels” correspond to specific
parts of our anatomy and have a direct link to our emotional, physical, & spiritual health.

At Sarahmony Foot Spa my goal is to create a soothing & quiet atmosphere to help
my clients become more in tune with their bodies, so that they may connect with their inner voice. 
Too often we move from one activity to the next without any private time to process our own thoughts, recover, and re-energize.My ultimate dream is help individuals create inner peace and balance so that they can enjoy the outer world even when life becomes stressful and hectic.

Masterfully handcrafted in my own kitchen, I have developed several aromatic products using the finest ingredients possible. Each treatment includes a sizzling sea salt soother, exfoliating sugar scrub, and a luscious foot creme. All of which can be custom-scented from a large variety of pure essential oils. For those with allergies or who may be pregnant, an unscented foot spa is always available upon request.

Spa Menu


Chocoholics rejoice! I have created this decadent footbath featuring my all-time favorite ingredient, chocolate. Immersing your feet in a rich bath of cocoa powder, oatmeal, safflower and rose petals is a soothing and mouth-watering experience that will both comfort and ground you so that you may connect your body, mind, and soul on the
physical plane.


Imagine how much your feet, mind and spirit will enjoy meeting for a warm, deliciously aromatic, milk-tea bath, inspired by the spiced chai of India. Steeping in a basin filled with soothing anise, allspice, cinnamon, fennel seed, cardamom, fresh oranges, safflower, rose buds, and coconut milk, will awaken your emotions and allow you to connect more deeply with your feelings while creating a renewed sense of peace, fluidity and grace in your world.


Born in the month of June, this footbath celebrates my particular love and appreciation for the power of our Sun and the glorious long hours of daylight that summer provides. 
Enjoy this invigorating, herbal footbath filled with the colors and energy of the sun. Dried calendula, chamomile, safflower, fresh lemons and oranges will allow you to re-energize and focus on igniting your own personal power.


The healing properties and benefits of tea are vast and remarkable. Green tea, being both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, is an asset to any footbath. Relax, stretch your toes and soak your feet in a basin of assorted green teas from China & Japan. The addition of dried roses, fennel, peppermint, and rosemary will rejuvenate and restore balance to your heart centers. This quiet time will help to integrate opposites in your spirit, mind, and body while creating inner peace, as well as feelings of love, compassion, and centeredness.


Sound vibrations inspire and stimulate our imaginations. Whether it is the voice of a loved one, a Himalayan’s purr, or waves crashing on the shore, a pleasant sound will wake you inner peace and creativity. This foot spa utilizes the many healing elements of the ocean. Your feet will tingle and glow after this mind, body and spirit nourishing, mineral rich spa of sea kelp, iris moss, wakame, arame, kaolin clay, calendula, and rose petals.

Your intuition is always at work. Imagine giving it a vacation. Let is sail along the Nile,
as your feet soak in a bath of fragrant and refreshing lavender, coconut milk, honey,
fresh orange slices, and dried rosebuds.  After a long day, your feet and spirit will
really appreciate this kind of attention. It is just the respite you need to recharge all
of your senses.


This bath was inspired by my mother Jacqueline; a master in the kitchen with a gift for presentation and warming her guests from the inside out. Nobody can throw a party or
set a table like my mama. Growing up she always had a small herb garden to enhance
our nightly gourmet dinners. This aromatic herbal water garden of dried lavender, calendula, rose buds, mint, fennel, and rosemary will connect you to her timeless knowledge, wisdom, and bliss.

They tell us where we’ve been.

They bind us together and
give us courage towards 
our journey in life. 


                    — Marilyn Sewell

Rituals are not optional
to a healthy culture.



​Sarah Lemp  Wedding Officiant​ & Life-Cycle Celebrant   949.424.6063

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