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A Meaningful Sarahmony Crafted Just For You

Serving Couples in ​Southern California including Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego & Riverside Counties

Testimonials from the wonderful couples I have served

"We've been thinking about and talking about our fairytale wedding non-stop. You truly
lead a perfect ceremony! We can't thank you enough.
Today, our videographers, Blue Kite Cinema, released our highlight film from the wedding day, so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it. We are so excited to share this with you. Thank you so much
for giving us such a wonderfully heartfelt ceremony. We couldn't have dreamed of a
better day." 


– Kristin & Alyssa



"Susan and I were new to the Southern California area when we decided to get married. Our marriage, of course, was very special and we knew we had to have someone to officiate and that person could make or break the wedding. We did an internet search and found a website On that website we found a couple of people who interested us. We called them both up and did a phone interview to see how we would click with them. Sarah was the first person we called. We talked for her for quite some time. We loved her right away. She was warm, friendly and not afraid of officiating our same-sex marriage.We actually interviewed two others just to do our due diligence. After that, we immediately called Sarah back and scheduled her for our wedding.


The most amazing part was at our wedding. Our friends of 20 plus years asked us how long we had known Sarah. They all thought we had known her for years! She did such a great job of finding out what we wanted at our wedding, how we wanted the wedding to "feel" and bringing our love story to life! I would and have recommended Sarah for anyone's wedding because she works very hard to ensure your wedding is exactly as
you desire! And, she does it with such grace and beauty!I know I am biased about
my wedding, but it was the best wedding ever! And, I mean "ever"!


 Susan & Lynda

"The most important part of a wedding is the ceremony. The most important part of the ceremony is the person officiating. Sarah Lemp was the most important person at our wedding. She “married” us! On September 12 , our 20th anniversary, we “legally” married in NYC!As a wedding Celebrant I knew how vital it was to have the right person for the job. Sarah was the right person. Competent, friendly, innovative, personable, approachable, smiling, willing & ready to go the extra mile & a “heart” of gold!  She married us with love and friendship and passion. Her words radiated our love story.  Her words brought tears & cheers & laughter. As I believe, she truly made our ceremony “The Heart of our Wedding!” 

"We thank Sarah from the bottom of our hearts for the love & time she took in working with us to make our dream come true! And she did 1000%!  The party was wonderful…the ceremony was fabulous!  Why? Because of Sarah, Celebrant EXTROADINAIRE! 
We love you Sarah."  

Kevin & Adrian

"Thank you Sarah so much for making our ceremony a memorable one! Everyone loved you and were asking me where I found you! It really turned out beautiful!"

– Matt & Patti 

"If you have Sarah as your Celebrant you are truly blessed. Sarah is so gental, caring and listens to the couple when preparing for your special day! She has such a hugh heart and her passion is to make you wedding personalized and unforgetable. Thank you Sarah for the most beautiful day of our lives."

– Debbie & Pam

More Love Notes

"I had the pleasure and the honor of working with Sarah on the creation of a blessing way/baptism for my newborn daughter. Sarah's attention to detail was astounding and she had a unique way of incorporating each Godparent's participation in a meaningful way. To this day family members comment on the magical, unforgettable experience that day was; some going so far as to say they plan to copy her ceremony when their time comes! "

– Angela & Baby Grace 

​Sarah Lemp  Wedding Officiant​ & Life-Cycle Celebrant   949.424.6063

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