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A Meaningful Sarahmony Crafted Just For You

Serving Couples in ​Southern California including Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego & Riverside Counties

Honoring all faiths, traditions, personal beliefs, & sexual orientations

What I Do

Welcome Love Birds!

My name is Sarah Lemp and I invite you to enter
the magical world of Sarahmony, a place where
personalized ceremonies blossom!

As a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant & Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant, I take pride in delivering highly personalized and meaningful ceremonies that will be cherished and remembered for many years
to come.

Your ceremonial ritual is the defining moment of your wedding day,
and when crafted with care and skill, it can be a powerful and uplifting experience for both you and your guests.

Serving Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, and Palm Springs, California, I enjoy working with couples from all walks of life. 
Spiritual, Humanist, Christian, Interfaith, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist,Taoist,
Islamic, Atheist, or Agnostic, I will never discriminate or judge your core values 
or beliefs.

My mission is to encourage ALL couples to engage in the art of
ceremony regardless of gender, race or religious background. I vow
to always respect and honor your choices during the entire process.
It is very important that we develop a deep understanding and trust
because my ultimate goal is to craft a ceremony that reflects your
beliefs and experiences.

My special gift as a Celebrant and Wedding Officiant is the personal touch that I give to every couple. I pour my heart and soul into each ceremony because I am passionate about my work.

No two couples are exactly alike, which is why when I begin writing a ceremony, it is written from scratch. Through personal interviews and the completion of a couple's questionnaire, I am able to create a meaningful ceremony that is uniquely, YOU.

At your wedding, you may feel nervous or overtaken with deep emotion or you may feel completely relaxed. Either way, I will be there with you, offering my expertise, love, and support. Together, I know that we can create an extraordinary ceremonial experience that celebrates the beginning of your new life.

To check my availability, please feel free to call, 949.424.6063.
or e-mail me at
. It would be a great honor
and privilege to help make your ceremony blossom!

Respect. Embrace. Create Beauty.​

This is my personal mantra for my business and life
and are the core values that define Sarahmony.


My Services Always Include...​​

    • A complimentary meeting to discuss your ceremony.​
    • A well-crafted & heart centered ceremony that reflects the genuine spirit of your relationship.​
    • Unlimited phone & email contact with me as we create the ceremony of your dreams.​
    • 100% client approval of every single word spoken during your ceremony.​
    • Cordination with all your vendors to ensure a smooth ceremony.​

As your Celebrant I vow to…

Deliver a poignant and elegant

ceremony that will make your

heart flutter.

Design a ceremony that is
100% customized to meet
all of your needs and wishes.​

Provide friendly and loving
consultations throughout the
entire process.

Create a ceremony that 

reflects the genuine spirit and
true nature of your relationship.


My mission Is...

To promote Celebrancy by educating individuals and the community about the benefits and value of incorporating ceremony into their daily lives.

To provide personalized and inclusive ceremonies to ALL people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious background.​

To serve my community by facilitating rituals as a way to foster personal growth and empowerment.

What is a Celebrant?

Celebrants are highly trained in the art of ceremony creation & performance.

We use symbols, prose, poetry, and song lyrics and many other ritual elements
to create inspiring and
meaningful ceremonies
that mark the milestones
of a person's life.

Our ceremonies ALWAYS reflect the values, philosophy, cultural and ethnic background of our clients.

We are deep listeners.

We are compassionate.
We love our work.

Every Day Is A Celebration

More Sarahmonies For Every Day Life

​Too often, significant events get overlooked. Life altering transitions,
such as a women entering menopause or a young girl getting her first period,
can get lost in the demands of daily life. The emotions, changes, and challenges involved are often not expressed or acknowledged. If you have survived Cancer, started a new business, purchased a home, retired from a career, or are celebrating a milestone birthday, I would love to create and design a Sarahmony that honors you with a meaningful and heart centered ceremony. 

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I have been gifted the rare opportunity of supporting and guiding people through these important moments. Every ceremony I create is a unique collaboration between the participants and myself. No two are alike and yours will be 100% infused with your ideas, values, beliefs, and vision. I take great care in making sure that your ceremony is in perfect alignment with your spirit, cultural background, family history, and is an accurate reflection of your core beliefs. For additional information, please check out the More Sarahmonies page.

​Sarah Lemp  Wedding Officiant​ & Life-Cycle Celebrant   949.424.6063

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